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2nd Annual Summit Event

Coming May 2021

Thrive online in 2021

In 2020, the onset of the pandemic forced us all to pivot our businesses to nearly 100% online delivery. The sudden change demanded a quick shift in our business practices.  We brought you the experts and information you needed to adapt.

In 2021, we will continue to help you thrive online through expert guidance on real world applications you can put to use right away.

This is what the Direct Sales Success Summit is all about. Helping you THRIVE online.

Your Host, Brenda Ster

After years as a corporate technology executive, I was ready for an opportunity that would allow me more freedom with my time. I started selling a product as an independent consultant but knew that to find success in a way that fit MY life, I would have to work smarter, not harder.

Using social marketing methods authentic to me and the value I wanted to offer, I curated an online presence that led to building a successful and profitable business in under three years.

Since that time, I’ve built and operated several 6- and 7-figure business, all online, using social marketing methods I pioneered.

My business is built on a foundation of value and my relationship with my clients.

That’s exactly why I founded the Direct Sales Success Summit in 2020. In our first year, we served over 6,000 direct sellers and independent business owners with the tactics and strategies they needed to quickly and effectively pivot online in 2020 (the year of all of the unknowns). In 2021, we will again deliver the expert guidance you need to continue to thrive online.